A spiritual place. History that is still present in the stones of the monastery building. A creative atmosphere. That is what Kloster Bentlage stands for.
For almost sixhundred years Kloster Bentlage was used as a monastery and a manorial estate for the nobility. Nowadays Kloster Bentlage functions as a place were cultural meetings come about.

At this place, different kinds of exhibitions, artists, art and art-lovers meet each other. Due to the centre for graphic art that is part of Kloster Bentlage, the former monastery turned into a qualified place for artproduction and international encounters. Kloster Bentlage offers a variety of small and big events like literature meetings, concerts and various exhibitions. All with a very high level. The two late-medieval gardens of relics that Kloster Bentlage displays, show a great spiritual devotion and in the Westfälische Galerie you can see the artistic contribution of artist from Westphalia. The asthetics of history, the omnipresent beauty of Nature and the creative expressions all together form a harmonic chord.