The European fairy-Tale Society e.V.


...was founded in Kloster Bentlage near Rheine, Westphalia in 1956 as a society of academics from various disciplines, of storytellers and artists, and above all of fairy-tale fans who wish to constantly remind themselves and others of the truth, wisdom and beauty to be found in fairy tales.

EuropMaerchenLogobecause fairy tales preserve ancient images and symbols that remain relevant for us today.

Wisdom: because fairy tales point to essential paths that we can take in life.

because fairy tales are – especially when we encounter them in language, as narratives – an aesthetic pleasure that has lost none of its magic in this multimedia age.

Moreover, the European Fairy-Tale Society, or EMG as it is known in German, aims to promote internationa

l understanding. This is possible because those who spend more time with fairy tales will discover that these stories are similar and related throughout Europe, indeed throughout the world – because we humans, despite all the differences between cultures, peoples and individuals, are similar too and are kindred spirits. At all times and in all places we imagine a world that extends between death and love; at all times and in all places life challenges us to find our own path. And these experiences, which are part of every human life, have been distilled into stories about the things that make us happy or sad, that make us smile or dream: into fairy tales that reflect ourselves and the great questions that life puts to us. As in the Moravian fairy tale “The Journey to the Sun”: “Where do you come from? Where are you going? What are you seeking?”

Every year the European Fairy-Tale Society organizes conventions and international congresses in Germany and abroad that examine fairy-tale-related themes from various perspectives. Moreover, each year it organizes around 60 seminars throughout Germany. These seminars relate to themes such as fairy-tale studies, fairy-tale interpretation, the promotion of storytelling and creative approaches to fairy tales. In addition, the EMG publishes its own book series and it records well-known storytellers on cassettes. And lastly it maintains a specialist library with primary and secondary literature in the north wing of Kloster Bentlage, which also accommodates the society’s office.
Ftimedia-Zeitalter nichts von seinem Zauber verloren hat.

Currently the European Fairy-Tale Society has almost 2,700 members. And we warmly invite all those who love fairy tales, who want to experience them in more depth or anew, to become a member. He or she will be able to discover more about the riches contained in fairy tales and will certainly find both enjoyment and new friends.

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