Josef Winckler House

On 7 July 1881 the author Josef Winckler was born in Rheine as the son of the official inspector of the Saline Gottesgabe salt works. Josef Winckler first gained a place in literary history with the "Eiserne Sonetten" (Iron Sonnets), written in the period 1912-1914 and the first collection of industrial lyric poetry in the German language. His subsequent picaresque novel “Der tolle Bomberg” achieved much greater popularity. Even today, the escapades of Baron Bomberg in Westphalia are well-known and loved. More than 750,000 copies of the book were sold and the material was even filmed twice (1932 and 1957).

Although Josef Winckler only lived in Rheine for a few years, he kept up a close relationship with his home town, particularly in his later years. In 1961 he instituted the Josef Winckler Prize which, until this day, is awarded every year to the best school pupil in Rheine. Moreover, he bequeathed furniture, family portraits and part of his library to the City of Rheine so that these items could be used to create a public “memorial to his work”. After the Winckler bequest had been exhibited in the Falkenhof for many years, the City of Rheine has now created a museum in the birth house of the author Josef Winckler.

It has become a house full of stories. Visitors can immerse themselves in childhood memories of the turn of the century, experience the rhythm of early industrial poetry, listen to the fanciful escapades and adventures of the "Tolle Bomberg", discover the luminous power of expressive painting or soak up the atmosphere of a library and a ‘poet’s room’.

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Opening hours:
Sat and Sun 14:00 - 18:00

Guided tours around the Josef Winckler House can be booked at Städtische Museen Rheine (Municipal Museums Rheine) on telephone number 05971-920610.