Guided Tours

Visitors to Kloster Bentlage and Saline Gottesgabe can choose from the following guided tours:

1. Guided Tour Museum Kloster Bentlage

In a tour of the museum lasting one or one-and-a-half hours you will learn all about Kloster Bentlage today and its 500-year history. Highlights of the guided tour include the late-medieval Gardens of Relics in the Klostermuseum and the paintings in the Westfälischen Galerie.

Information and Bookings:

Städtische Museen Rheine, Tel: 05971-9206-10
Price per Group: 1 hour (30 €), 1,5 hours (45 €), plus admission price
max. 25 Persons per Group

2. Guided Tours on the Salt-, Nature- and cultural trails

Salt Trail:

For many years salt, the ‘white gold’, was a prized trading commodity. The history of salt extraction in Bentlage goes back far into the Middle Ages. The extensive Saline Gottesgabe salt works with its ‘thorn house’ almost 300 metres in length, was the first such installation in Westphalia. Today it is an outstanding monument situated amidst a modern park.
During the guided tour along the Salt Trail, visitors find out what links the architect Johann Conrad Schlaun and the brine baths.

Cultural trail:

Visitors can experience living history on the route from the Saline Gottesgabe salt works to Kloster Bentlage, and will encounter many traces of the past along the way. The high point of the guided tour is the Kloster Bentlage monastery complex, dating from the Middle Ages and now in use as a regional cultural centre with art and cultural treasures.

Nature Trail:

The circular guided tour includes the Saline Gottesgabe salt works and Kloster Bentlage and takes visitors, on foot or on bicycles, through a cultural landscape going back more than a thousand years with its original woods and meadows along the River Ems. The creation of this unique and sensitive natural area since medieval times is explained in combination with the history of the monastery and the salt works.

Information and Booking:

Verkehrsverein Rheine (Rheine tourist office), Tel.: 05971-800650,
Group price: 55 € (max 25 person per group)
Duration: 1,5 hours